11 New Sexiest Ways For Women To Ride Their Partners And Make Them Orgasm


There are many sex positions but let’s be honest, not all are going to give the most pleasure. Some seem to require the flexibility and stamina of a Cirque du Soleil performer. Others are just too complex to figure out, while others just don’t give the optimal pleasure it promised.

It is no wonder couples tend to go to the tried and true method of missionary style. Before you throw in the towel, know you do not need to be a contortionist to achieve the ultimate sexy time. In fact, there is an art and perfect way for women to, ahem, ride their partner.

Never underestimate the power you have when it comes to driving a stick.


#1. Face to face.

Research shows that facing each other during sex increases intimacy as well as pleasure. Ian Kerner author of She Comes First says you should look into each other to boost chemistry.

#2. Face away from him.

The curve of your back and buttocks is quite a turn on for him. Don’t be shy and reach for his arms to touch your hips and caress your torso.

#3. Cuddle.

Sit and wrap your legs around him while he is sitting down. He has an ideal angle for penetration while you ride him at the same time.

#4. The Amazon.

Get your man to lie on his back while bringing his knees to his chest. Squat on him while his legs wrap around yours.

#5. The crab.

A lot like the cowboy girl when you sit on top, except place your legs over his shoulders, put your hands back on the bed and ride him.

#6. A quickie.

When you only have three to five minutes to spare. Have your partner lie on his back with his knees bent while you rest your elbows on the bed, and straddle him.

#7. The jugghead.

You will need your sofa or bed for this position. Get your partner to lie on his back with his legs raised and resting on the surface of the furniture. Go on top of him but stay on all fours while he thrusts up.

#8. Chair rider.

Have your partner sit on a chair with a high back. Sit on him with your back facing him. Place your legs in between his and grind away.

#9. Couch surfer.

While the man sits on the couch, straddle him. Place your knees by his hips and hold on to the back of the sofa to grind, scoop forward, and roll on him.

#10. The bridge.

Put pillows under your man’s pelvis while he lays on his back. Sit on top of him and stretch your legs to his armpits and simply ride him.

#11. Desk.

Have your partner sit on his chair with his legs spread open. Sit on top of him and lean on the desk for support. You can lift your legs up while he holds on to your hips.


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