11 Pleasure Points In Men That Arouse Them With Slightest Touch.


Of course penis is the most sensitive pleasure point but there are also other points which arouse men. So girls get ready to be called the ‘best girlfriend ever.’ Because once you play around with these other parts he’s gonna moan and scream and want you more. And trust me those points are twice as pleasurable as the private part.

1. Chest hair.


I know many girls would get that ‘eww’ feeling. But touching chest hair arouses men instantly, providing immense pleasure. So girls twirl your palm softly over his chest.

2. The third eye.


It’s the middle part of your forehead. If you press that part gently all the stress is relieved of him.

3. Root of the penis.

Pleasure which arouses men


Penis is no doubt the most sensitive part of men’s body. But girls if you slide your hands a little down to the root of the penis he will be in the seventh heaven.

4. The head.


Run your hands through his scalp as it gives him immense pleasure and a feeling of tenderness.

5. The prostate.


Anything around the anus arouses men. So the prostate area can be tried to make him reach orgasm. Just press softly and move your hands around the part.

6. The temples.


The temples consist of a mass density of nerve endings which are quite impulsive. And by rubbing the temples if the tension and stress disappear he will get aroused in a moment.

7. The facial bones.


When he lies on your lap, caress his face with your palm as that touch certainly arouses him. Face is a very sensitive area. A wet kiss there works as a quick turn on.

8. The lips.


Suck his bottom lips, stroke your lips up and down and tenderly nibble. You must not underestimate the power of a kiss. It is enough to provide men immense pleasure and arouses him instantly.

9. The shoulder blades.


You cannot imagine how much pleasure a little touch or massage here can bring. It is where all the tension is sustained. A quick massage or elbow technique will arouse him immediately.

10. The Neck.


The area just below the adam’s apple is heaven for men. Kiss it or lick it and get your man moaning and wanting you. You can also leave a small love bite there.

11. The inner thighs.


Before completely going down on him, just move your hands around his inner thighs and see his reaction. You can also kiss or nibble them for better stimulation.


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