2 Types Of Women That Men Love The Most


falling in love is a totally weird thing, you do not know with whom you are gonna fall in love. It happens at any moment without hesitation. Although our brain looks for various characteristics in a woman to decide whether to fall in love or not but the heart moves too fast.  We fall in love instantly and later we get affectionate towards the partner.

For decades, women have tried to distinguish the characteristics men like most of them but have been unsuccessful. There are as many answers as are men in the world. Well, we have almost made the task easier for everyone.

These Are The Two Type Of Women That Men Love The Most.

1. The Mother

According to psychologists, men are attracted to a mother like a girlfriend. The one who possesses traits of a mother like as caring, loving and maturity is desired pretty much. The science behind this is that our choices are often influenced by the way we lived our childhood and teenage. Men feel for a mother-like girlfriend is a part of that association.


It should also be noted that a man wants a perfect woman who can take care of herself as well as his man. Men even look for a woman who can cook or clean the house and deliver healthy babies and nurture them to adulthood. This is an instinct which developed centuries ago when human only wanted to survive and have a prosperous life.

2. The Friend

As the men progressed they move above beauty, sεx and childhood chores and starting searching for a partner with an equal level of intellect. They now want someone to talk with them and share their feelings because as they grow old, sεxula pleasure won’t be able to glue the relationship anymore.


Being a friend kind of girlfriend has own perks. Men love to share common interests and long meaningful talks. This is why everyone wants a friend kind of girlfriend. The same level of intellect leads to a healthier and long-term relationship.

These are usually the two types of women that men love the most.


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