7 Questions We All Have After Watching Avengers: Infinity War


Avengers Infinity War has finally been released and it brought together all the iconic superheroes of Marvel Cinematic Universe in an amazing battle to protect the universe from the evil titan Thanos. Although the film left us all at a cliffhanger, a lot of things are yet to be seen in Avengers 4.


So Let’s Take A Look At Biggest Unanswered Questions In Avengers Infinity War!

1. What is Doctor Strange’s plan?

Doctor Strange is a genius. He’s smart, he is intelligent, and it’s a fact..remember when we saw him face off against the evil Dormammu, we understood the will power of Doctor Strange and the fact he isn’t an idiot. So it’s kinda unusual to see him just handing over the Time Stone to Thanos in exchange for the life of Tony Stark. Although he stated earlier in the film that he would happily sacrifice both him and Spider-Man if it comes to protecting the stone. Obviously Strange has some trick under his sleeve. He must have some secret plan, he told the others he’d used the power of Time Stone to glimpse all the millions of possible future outcomes of their battle against Thanos and he has seen only one reality where they’d won.

Even after handing over the Time Stone, he told Tony that they had entered the “end game.” He even further said that giving away the stone is the only way. So yeah every superhero dying is somehow going according to the plan of Doctor Strange

2. What role will Captain Marvel play?

Like every Marvel film, the Avengers: Infinity War included a post credits scene. But rather than showing us what happens next to set up 2019’s Avengers it seemed to be a tease for 2019’s Captain Marvel film. It was kind of underwhelming right? But who knows, maybe the tease was setting up Avengers 4 after all? If you have seen the film then you know at one point, Thanos tells Gamora that he had turned away from his destiny once before. What does he mean? Could the film Avengers 4 will be telling the back story of Thanos?

That would make much sense considering the fact that in the comics Captain Marvel was the archenemy of Thanos. Kevin Fiege’s even commented that Captain Marvel would be by far the strongest character they had ever introduced. Which just leaves one big unanswered question that if Nick Fury had the mos powerful Captain Marvel on speed dial all this time then why the hell he didn’t call her when Thanos was destroying the Avengers and stealing away the infinity stones.

3. What’s the deal with the Hulk?

It was pretty damn cool to see Bruce Banner inside the Hulkbuster armor and using his scientific brain to defeat the member of Black Order. But we have to wonder just what is wrong with the Hulk? Even Banner himself doesn’t have any idea why Hulk won’t come out and fight. He refused Banner when Banner tried to trigger his emotions, tried to transform on more than one occasion. Is he afraid of being defeated again after what happened with Thanos Or is something else is going on here? And is it the beginning of the plot where we will see Banner’s two halves to create a Hulk with the sharp mind of Banner? We will have to wait and see.

4. Where is Hawkeye really?

Hawkeyes has been MIA. And all kinds of theories have been flying around, one of the most important one is that he would be changing his identity from the bow and arrow to the sword wielding Ronin. It’s a big possibility, it can happen in Avengers 4, but we didn’t even see him in Avengers: Infinity War. Neither Ant man nor Hawkeye showed up to assist the Avengers ad fight Thanos.

5. What happened to the dead?

The biggest possibility is that all our favorite superheroes who vanished into dust are now dead..It was Thanos plan all along to wipe out half the universe once he had all the infinity stones and he did that at the end of Avengers Infinity War. Are they gone forever or are they trapped in some other dimension. We know that the soul stone collects the soul of the dead and then stores them in a different universe and sometimes those souls can return back. We even saw Thanos conversing with the soul of Gamora when he uses the Soul Stone in the film.

6. Wait the Red Skull?!


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