9 Biggest Celebrity Omg Snapchat Fails


1. Gigi Hadid

Supermodel Gigi Hadid was in Miami for a Victoria secret pink event. During the time her then boyfriend, Cory Simpson, was hosting a Miami spring break event. While snap chatting Cory caught Gigi in a somewhat compromising position. Fans were in shock when it seemed that the model was in the DJ booth doing drugs.

2. Waka Flocka

Famous rapper Waka Flocka had fans engaged with a snap story he recorded of a little girl in a dog cage. In the snap, there is what appears to be small child crying, as Waka asks her if she, ‘Wants out of jail’. According to the rapper, he was playing make believe with the girl but it was enough for people to lose their minds over social media.

3. Playmate Dani Mathers

No one knows just how bad a snap chat can backfire more than Playmate Dani Mathers. The Playmate was in a Los Angeles gym locker room when she snapped a photo of an unsuspected naked woman. She was fired from her Gig and even is facing possible jail time. She apologized to her fans but she hasn’t able to redeem herself.

4. Ushers

When singer nd EX the voice coach, Usher, share a little bit too much with his snap chat viewers while giving them a tour of his home. The singer was fully clothed for the whole tour, and then he got to his steam room, and he took off his clothes and steamed up the viewer’s phone with a full frontal nude photo. H tried his best to cover up his bits with emojis, but there wasn’t much left to the imagination.



5. Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham had fans in stitches with her cute snap chat fail. The Fashion Designer was out and about with friend Eva Longoria when the pair had a go with snap chat puppy filter.

6. Taylor Swift via Kim Kardashian

Not all celebrities are physically present for their fail. In a snap chat story by Kim Kardashian, there is a telephone conversation between Kayne and Swift.

7. Farrah Abraham

Abraham’s 7 years old daughter, Sophia, was kicked off snap chat for asking for texts from strangers. The fail comes when Abraham defends her daughter by stating, ‘If she wants messages, and she is hyper then good for her before bed time’.

8. Kaitlyn Bristow

She caused a major snap chat fail when she revealed the winner of the show, only 4 weeks into her seasons. When the snap photo leaked with her and contestant Shawn Booth, social media went into a frenzy. She claimed the social media that snap was supposed to be for one of the show’s producers.

9. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has made a name for herself with her staggering social media following. When the reality pop star posted a snap saying ‘ All my natural hair’. This had fans scratching their heads. The star is known to have a huge wig collection. But, fans gave her flack for claiming her new ice blonde do as something that is ‘All natural’.


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