Hard Questions Mark Zuckerberg Faced In The Senate Hearing


In Senate hearing, the young CEO of the largest social media network i.e Facebook faced a hard situation. He had never thought that one day he will be put in such a situation. By now, almost everyone who is active on the social media knows about all the mess Facebook is suffering from. Facebook is being criticised for the data scandal with Cambridge Analytica. There is a news, that the issue involves around 87 million users data. Due to this issue, US Presidential elections are also seen affected, as most of the people keep their personal data in their accounts. Things are going wrong for the young CEO Mark Zuckerberg.


Mark Zuckerberg himself probed into the matter to discuss the ongoing data scandal issues, before the Senate hiring on Tuesday.

In the Senate Hearing, Mark faced the toughest questions of his life. There were so irrelevant questions which were being thrown one by one on him.
We have collected a list of questions he faced in Senate Hearing.


The very first question that grilled Mark Zuckerberg.

“Would you be comfortable in sharing the name of the hotel you stayed in last night?”

“Um, no.”
Almost either of the two persons run a facebook account, but only a few people must know that Facebook keeps a record of everything where we go, where we stay, a record of every app we download in our phones, our IP address. Facebook never fails to track every single piece of info of its users.

“If you messaged anybody, would you share the names of the people you messaged?”


“Senator, no, I would probably not choose to do that publicly here.”

Do you know all your personal conversations with friends and family, are scanned every time? I mean it’s not being done as everyone has its own privacy which should be respected. If Facebook will never think about the privacy of its users then people will also never think about using this site. That is exactly the point Senator tried to figure it out by his question.
It’s all about privacy and Facebook must take care of.

“How do you sustain a business model in which users don’t pay for your service?”


“Senator, we run ads.”

It is believed that ads are one of the mediums that have ended up affecting people’s votes in the US Presidential Elections. Facebook probably knows us better than we do know ourselves, yes it is a fact actually. Maybe we have become a product for them.

“You don’t think you have a monopoly?”


“It certainly does not feel like that to me.”
Facebook is the second most used social media network in the country USA. The first one most used site is the dating app for the LGBT community. LGBT community is the community for the people Lesbians, Gays, Bi-sexuals, Transgenders.
Senator Graham actually brought a valid point toy his question.

“Whether Facebook tracks users’ devices when they’re not connected to Facebook?”


“I’m not — I’m not sure the answer to that question.”
Third party apps asked to connect to Facebook. These apps gain access to the data of users from accounts. This is what the entire mess was about. Users information can be tracked easily through third-party apps. Thanks to the Senator, who actually brought a question.

“Your user agreement sucks!”

Sen. John Kennedy openly said that the Facebook user agreement only exists to “cover their rear end”.


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