People Are Concerned About Diljeet After Kylie Got Pregnant And His REPLY Doesn’t Say Alot!


Diljit Dosanjh has always been a rockstar who never fails to entice us with his soulful music and commendable acting skills. He has never be the one to mince his words even whether it is addressing backlash for his filmfare debutant award or making his stance clear on singing for Bollywood.

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And… it turns out Diljit has an obsession with Kylie Jenner. How do we know that? Well, the man himself has made it quite apparent by commenting on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram pictures and even asking Kim Kardashian where Kylie was, on her live stream.

The gabru jawaan has even dedicated songs to her, basically declaring his crush on the make-up mogul and who can forget the time when he was so disappointed on Kylie and her then-boyfriend Tyga’s picture that he decided to comment on it.

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Yeah, that!

But that’s not all! Kylie is allegedly pregnant and the news did not take long to spread like wildfire. Everybody is speculating about the alleged pregnancy and is waiting with bated breath for any statement from the Kardashian-Jenner family.

But fans of Diljit Dosanjh aren’t happy, instead they are worried about the actor and his eternal crush on Kylie Jenner. People are all over Twitter asking Diljit Dosanjh if he is okay and we are loving it!

1. Me and you both.

2. Hope he isn’t heartbroken!

3. Should we be worried?

4. Bechara Diljit!

5. Dil chhota na karo paaji!

6. Really?

With all his fans cracking jokes about the situation, asking Diljit how he is taking the news, he thought it only appropriate to respond to the tweets with this-


Seems like Diljit is not aboard the tabloid rumour train or he’s just putting on a brave face.

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