The Type Of Feet You Possess Can Reveal A Lot About Your Personality


Reading horoscopes through articles, palm lines and face have been some common approaches since ages. But have you ever wondered what the shape of your feet can also reveal some interesting facts related to your personality? The shape, size, & position of your feet tell a much about you. Just compare the shape and size of your toe with respect to other toes and categorize yourself under any one of the following and read the facts.

A. The Roman Foot

This type of foot is very social and outgoing and are very charismatic by personality. They are very kind and well-balanced in life. They are excellent listeners and very courageous. They are friendly in nature and can make friends easily.

B. The Square Foot

is type of foot is also known as Peasant foot which comprises all the toes of identical length. These type of people are very cautious in nature. Before taking a decision they will think twice before and then come to a conclusion. They are very practical in nature.

C. The Greek Foot

These feet are well-known as a flame foot. In this type of foot, the second toe is longer as compared to the first toe. They are very passionate about things and are a kind of motivating personality. They also possess high leadership qualities.

D. The Stretched Foot

In this type of foot, the first toe is the largest one and the rest of the toes decreases in size in descending order. These kinds of people enjoy their own private space and are generally extrovert in nature. They are very unpredictable and cannot control their mood swings.


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