Westworld Cast


Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some exciting facts on the westworld cast. Westworld is an American sci-fi Western TV arrangement made by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. Delivered by HBO, it depends on the 1973 movie of a similar name (composed and coordinated by Michael Crichton) and to a lesser degree its 1976 spin-off, Future world. The story happens in Westworld, an anecdotal, mechanically propelled Wild-West-themed event congregation populated by android “has”. The recreation center takes into account lucrative “visitors” who may enjoy their most out of control dreams inside the recreation center without dread of striking back from the hosts, who are kept by their programming from hurting people. So today in this article i am going to tell you about Westworld Cast.

Westworld Cast

Dolores Abernathy 


Dolores Abernathy is depicted by Evan Rachel Wood and is one of the arrangement’s focal characters. She is the most established host as yet working in the recreation center. Dolores is a farmer’s little girl who finds as long as she can remember is an extravagantly developed lie. Her tasteful drew impacts from Andrew Wyeth’s artistic creation Christina’s World and in addition Lewis Carroll’s Alice. Dolores is quickly depicted by Tessa Thompsonin the second season after she exchanges her cognizance to another body.

Bernard Lowe


Bernard Lowe is depicted by Jeffrey Wright. He is the leader of the Westworld Programming Division and maker of fake individuals. “Bernard Lowe” is a re-arranged word of “Arnold Weber”.

Maeve Millay


Maeve Millay is depicted by Thandie Newton. Maeve is a host who goes about as the madam of Sweetwater, the biggest town in Westworld. Through Dolores, she winds up mindful that her life has been a lie, and reviews recollections of bringing up a little girl before she was murdered by a visitor.

Arnold Weber

Arnold Weber is depicted by Jeffrey Wright. He was the fellow benefactor and engineer of Westworld close by Ford.Arnold had come to anthropomorphize his already life-like creations, and made it his objective to convey the Westworld hosts to full consciousness, with Dolores as his proving ground.

Teddy Flood


Theodore “Teddy” Flood is portrayed by James Marsden. He is a host in the role of a gunslinger who returns to Sweetwater looking to rekindle his relationship with Dolores.


Armistice is portrayed by Ingrid Bolsø Berdal. Armistice is a host who is a brutal and ruthless bandit and a member of Hector Escaton’s gang.

Ashley Stubbs


Ashley Stubbs is depicted by Luke Hemsworth. He is the head of Westworld security, accused of observing host and human communications and guaranteeing the wellbeing of the visitors. Toward the finish of Season 2, it was uncovered that he is a host and he is very much aware of the implantation of Dolores’ awareness into the Charlotte-body imitation, however he let her escape the recreation center since he is “dependable of each host inside the recreation center”.

Theresa Cullen


Theresa Cullen is depicted by Sidse Babett Knudsen. She is Westworld’s brief activities pioneer, in charge of shielding the recreation center from sliding into unscripted chaos. She later structures a union with Charlotte Hale and Delos to plan against Dr. Portage and expel him from control. Passage coordinates the demise of Theresa not long after by having Bernard kill her.

Lee Sizemore


Lee Sizemore is depicted by Simon Quarterman. He is Westworld’s story chief, whose aesthetic demeanor bothers his collaborators. After the host uprising, Sizemore acompanies Maeve on her excursion to discover her little girl.

Hector Escaton


Hector Escaton is portrayed by Rodrigo Santoro. Hector is a host who is a wanted gang leader bent on survival.

Clementine Pennyfeather


Clementine Pennyfeather is depicted by Angela Sarafyan. She is a host who works for Maeve and is one of Westworld’s most famous attractions. When she is decommissioned, her part is given to another host (depicted by visitor on-screen character Lili Simmons in seasons 1-2) and the lobotomised Clementine is put into chilly stockpiling.

Elsie Hughes


Elsie Hughes is depicted by Shannon Woodward. A rising star in the Programming Division entrusted with helping odd conduct in the recreation center’s hosts. She was quickly thumped out by Bernard (under the control of Ford) as she ‘impeded’ Ford’s arrangement. In Season 2, she was stunned to take in Delos’ mystery visitor information gathering venture while likewise discovering that Bernard is a host.



William, also known as the Man in Black or Billy, is portrayed by Jimmi Simpson. William is a reluctant first-time visitor to Westworld, joining his future brother-in-law, Logan. Initially dismissive of the park’s more lascivious attractions, he slowly uncovers a deeper meaning to the park’s narrative.

Robert Ford


Robert Ford is portrayed by Anthony Hopkins. Robert Ford is the co-founder and Park Director of Westworld.

Logan Delos


Logan Delos is depicted by Ben Barnes. Logan, an individual from the Delos Corporation, drove the organization’s speculation into Westworld approximately thirty years before the present occasions.



Lawrence Pedro Maria Gonzalez is depicted by Clifton Collins Jr.. He is a host with a notoriety for being an enchanting yet deadly bandit with a talent for moving and arranging the different criminal components of Westworld.

El Lazo

El Lazo is a host role formerly filled by Lawrence, portrayed by Clifton Collins Jr.. In the season 1 flashbacks, the host El Lazo encountered Logan, William and Dolores in Pariah. Sometime later, the role of El Lazo was assigned to another host. In season 2, the new El Lazo is portrayed by guest actor Giancarlo Esposito.

Charlotte Hale


Charlotte Hale is portrayed by Tessa Thompson. Delos’ executive director of the board overseeing Westworld. She seeks to smuggle Ford’s hosts’ data out of Westworld on behalf of Delos via Peter Abernathy’s control unit and allow the company to wrestle control of the park away from him. She is the beautifull women in the entire westworld cast.

Peter Abernathy


Peter Abernathy is portrayed by Louis Herthum. He is a host and Dolores’s father. His programming falters when he finds a picture of Times Square that a guest has dropped, forcing the park to decommission him and replace him with a new Peter Abernathy host (portrayed by recurring actor Bradford Tatum in season 1).

Karl Strand


Karl Strand is portrayed by Gustaf Skarsgård. He is the leader of QA, Delos’ security team, and tasked with taking control of Westworld from the hosts after Dolores’ uprising.



Emily, also known as Grace, is portrayed by Katja Herbers. She is William’s daughter, and is formally introduced in the second season, seen as an adult guest at a Delos park themed on the British Raj.


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