What I Actually Think About When I Watch Movies


We all know that feeling when we start watching a film, plunge into this incredible atmosphere, and… start thinking about really weird things. Even considering the fact that it’s just a movie doesn’t help us get rid of these untimely thoughts.

We was curious to know what people think about when they watch movies. We hope you’ll enjoy this compilation.

  • Why do characters never visit the bathroom at the climax of the story?
  • While watching The Walking Dead and other zombie movies, I always think, “Do animals also hunt zombie animals?”
  • It’s such a pity that they ruined those skyscrapers. They are so huge and majestic!
  • It seems like periods don’t exist in movies: there are no women whose plans were ruined because of this “trifle.”
  • In the morning, characters have time to go for a run, take a shower, have breakfast, and read the newspaper before work. Excuse me, but when do they wake up?
  • When I see actors in their thirties playing students, I always think about how naive casting directors are.

What I Actually Think About When I Watch Movies

  • The phrase “Are you OK?” is really strange to me, since it’s usually addressed to a person with a broken limb or something like that.
  • “I’m a cop, I need your car!” I feel so sorry for those drivers. What if they have worse problems?
  • I hate when men are shaving and someone distracts them. They just wipe their shaving cream off with a towel instead of washing it off. It’s so bad for the skin!
  • How do characters embark on unexpected journeys without deodorant or a toothbrush?
  • It always hurts when characters find those ancient traps constructed by brilliant engineers and break them down.
  • How do characters always make it all the way to the gates at the airport when they just need to say to someone that they don’t want them to leave?
  • When someone walks in the forest, I always worry about mites and deer ticks.
  • What kind of straightener did Legolas’ hairdresser use?
  • Why don’t characters rinse their mouths out after brushing their teeth?
  • When a character eats something, I wonder how many takes they’d had and how much food that poor guy had already eaten.
  • Why do heroes always run in a straight line away from cars that are chasing them? Turn somewhere!
  • How do women manage to run away from their pursuers wearing high heels?
  • If heroes break something or spill something, I think, “What if the first take fails? So they always have to clean everything before the second try.”
  • In a bed scene, when the characters are getting passionate, no one thinks about hygiene, even if they’ve traveled to a third world country and never took a shower.
  • In many films, when heroes come in or go out of the house, they don’t lock the door. I always have an urge to yell, “Lock it if you don’t want to get robbed! Lock!”
  • Why do Game of Thrones characters wear no hats? They’re beyond the Arctic circle!
  • If it’s snowy and everything takes place in a country house, I always feel nervous, like, they have to clean the road, otherwise they’ll get stuck tomorrow.
  • Successful lawyers wake up and go for a run at 5 AM, stay up late working, and spend time at bars in the evenings. Every single day. Where do they find the energy?
  • I always worry about the spouses of actors who take part in love scenes.
  • I hate it when drivers pay more attention to the passengers sitting next to them, than to the road. The most interesting fact is, they never get in car accidents.
  • When I watch a romantic comedy, where the heroes love each other to the moon and back, I always think, “How long will their love last? When and why will they break up?”
  • I feel sorry for restaurant owners when customers break something or run away without paying their bills.
  • When I watch movies with sad endings, deep inside, I always hope that everything’s going to be different this time.

What do you usually think about while watching movies?


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